Restaurant “Kupava” is an ideal banquet-restaurant for weddings, anniversaries and other celebrations. We will accommodate guests with the maximum comfort and enjoyment.

There is plenty of room in the restaurant not only for pleasant party discussions. The platform for inflammatory dances, fun games and performances will accommodate everyone. A comfortable furniture is set up for rest after numerous competitions and active dance parks.

Tasty and beautiful to feed all the guests is also no problem. You can create your own banquet menu from the set of gourmet dishes of the restaurant. Great tableware from renowned European producers is used for serving tables, and a chic dish will surprise everyone present. Banquets are fully serviced by waiters at the highest level.

Using the restaurant “Kupava” complex, you can not worry about your many friends and relatives, as you will find the great rooms of our hotel. And for the newlyweds for the first unforgettable marriage night, we will be happy to prepare luxurious apartments.