Here you can relax and exhale

Have you wanted to relieve tension in every muscle of your body for a long time? If you are already in the hotel “Kupava”, it is a sin to miss the spa relaxation. You can choose a Finnish sauna or a bath. The aromas of wood and Carpathian herbal tea will help you breathe in full, and you can refresh and wash away the heaviness of life in the warm pool with Jacuzzi. And for complete relaxation, go for a massage.

Your body will be cleansed of toxins and your skin will glow. Then you will return to your room and fall asleep (like a baby). It will give you energy and then with a great mood you can immerse yourself in the work again and conquer the world.

Spa-procedures in the boutique hotel “Kupava” – your panacea for fatigue. When was the last time you worried about yourself? And while you remember, we will tell 4 “why” you need to visit the spa in “Kupava”:

  • You are constantly in a hurry.
    Running: pick up children from school, hand over a parcel, replace a colleague at work, buy a birthday present, go to the store… And a bunch of other things, the flow of which you do not even notice. At any spa treatment, you will finally be able to simply ground your body and feel the lightness of the moment.

  • Of course, we don’t suggest you throw away your computer or smartphone. But put aside your business and burning deadlines – go alone for a massage or sauna with friends. You will reload yourself completely, your breathing will become deeper, and your thoughts will become brighter.

  • You rarely worry about yourself.
    Remember how often you ask yourself, “How do I feel now?” Maybe your back is yelling at you to “get me a massage.” Listen to yourself and your body. Set aside 4 hours on weekends and choose a spa treatment at the Kupava Hotel.

  • You forget to disperse diseases by prevention.
    And it is necessary. Even if you do not get sick often, strengthen yourself even more and take care of your morale. Swim in the warm pool, clean the skin in the sauna or beat the bad mood in the bath with a broom. Arrange good anti-stress for your body. It is especially useful to go to such spa treatments in the cold season.


So what about the Finnish sauna?

600 UAH per hour (to 6 person)

This spa treatment is a friend of youth and beauty. Every cell of your body will thank you with a fresh and healthy look. Because in the Finnish sauna:

– improves the condition of the cardiovascular system;
– skin cells are restored;
– improves the work of the respiratory organs;
– toxins and salts are excreted;
– you feel complete relaxation of the body and peace. We advise you to leave alcohol for a hearty evening feast in your favorite company, and for a sauna, take green tea or water and get high from the hot atmosphere. The temperature here is up to 100 degrees, but thanks to dry steam you will be comfortable. And then your feet will lead you to a soft pillow.

We recommend booking the sauna in advance, so if you plan to relax – call immediately.

Go to the bath

600 UAH per hour (to 6 person)

Here you can easily restore your energy. If you have a stressful job or just failed the day – run to the bath. It is useful because:

– helps with headaches and insomnia;
– relieves the kidneys and normalizes water balance;
– strengthens the immune system, fights viruses in the cold season;
– The main attribute – a broom gives the effect of massage. The temperature in the bath is up to 80 degrees. Choose a fragrant broom and steam to your heart’s content. Its pores immediately open to breathe the aromas of oak leaves, birch or nettle. And if you are visiting the bath for the first time, you can order the services of a professional bath attendant – he will help you do all the bath procedures for health benefits.

You will relax and feel the lightness that you so missed. The broom will definitely drive the weight out of your body and soul. This is a cool anti-stress – the charge is enough to then redo a bunch of things with new inspiration.

After that – in a pool

250 UAH per hour (to 6 person)

After a hot sauna or park bath you really want to freshen up. We know this, so we offer to continue your relaxation in the warm pool. Here you can breathe cooler air, swim or just lie in the water. And the bubbles from the jacuzzi will make a pleasant massage for the spine and joints.

Now you can talk to friends, enjoy the effect of relaxation after hot spa treatments and experience a full recovery. And then with a clean body and mind it remains only to go up to the room and fall asleep sweetly.
Bonus for the guests of the Kupava Hotel is a free pool hour.

Only one company can relax in the pool, so call to book in advance.