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Celebrate your special wedding with us

Do you want to get high from every minute of the holiday on your most important day, do not worry about serving hot food, settling guests and the first wedding night?
We will make sure that the guests are full and happy, the parents are calm, and you, the newlyweds, are satisfied with the atmosphere of our institution and your wedding. To order a banquet, we invite you to the restaurant “Kupava”. If you are not sure which menu you want, we will offer you different options for Ukrainian, European and Italian cuisine. We have halls for different numbers of guests and a spacious terrace. If you want to arrange a wedding in the European style, we offer a buffet, not a feast. So your celebration will also be satisfying, but there will be more free space in the hall. On the wedding day, the bride and groom receive a number as a gift from ours hotel complex. If guests from other cities come to you, they can also book a room and spend the night at the Kupava Hotel. And in the morning you will go to the restaurant again for a delicious breakfast and coffee. And what about the song “Goira wedding”? We also offer free music from the institution. And for unrestrained dances we also have a special platform. If any of the guests want to catch their breath, we suggest you relax in the quiet lobby bar. And where without unforgettable photos? Because we also have a place for a photo area.

Why choose Kupava restaurant in Lviv to celebrate a wedding?

  • The newlyweds receive a room as a gift from the hotel complex “Kupava”.
  • There are halls for different numbers of guests and a spacious terrace (for 70 people).
  • Instead of a large number of tables, you can order a buffet.
  • Guests who do not live in Lviv or are simply tired will be able to spend the night at the hotel.
  • And the next day you can book a spa treatment at the hotel to relax.
  • And no problems with parking.

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