Celebration in Kupava

To order banquet

Have a holiday at Kupava Restaurant

We know that every time before the holiday event you are faced with a difficult choice: in which restaurant or cafe to organize this event? Especially since there are so many of them in Lviv. Want to simplify this choice? Then read more about the benefits of celebrating in Kupava. If we convince you – we are waiting for your call with the words “I want a banquet in Kupava.”

We arrange a corporate party

Your colleagues have been discussing the corporate evening for several days. Invite them to relax in Kupava. If you want to sit quietly small company of up to 10 people, the VIP-hall “Cellar” . The bright interior in the folk style will be a pleasant surprise afterwards office walls and the usual working atmosphere. And the fragrant infusion of own production will warm not only from within, but relax tired colleagues. You can even gossip a little about everything that boiled. But for a large company we have a banquet VIP-hall “Ethnoshik” or terrace.

And a loud wedding is not a problem for us.

We understand that for newlyweds, choosing the perfect restaurant for a wedding is a real torture. And everyone around you is obsessed with their advice, and you get lost in the variety of establishments. The staff of the restaurant “Kupava” has repeatedly undertaken such a responsible mission, so for the organization of a luxurious wedding banquet, you can rest easy. First of all, we advise you to come and communicate personally with the administrator, evaluate the various halls that we offer for such events, and talk about the menu. We will tell you secrets and nuances from our experience and help to arrange such a wedding, that your guests will not want to go home.

We know how to surprise young guests

Yes, kids are especially picky. But we are not afraid to organize birthdays for them, because we know how to give them our care and love. We have prepared for the organization of such holidays: we have a comfortable area for entertaining children and a cozy hall or terrace for parent meetings. Come to our restaurant. The administrator will tell you more about the celebration of children’s holidays, will acquaint you with the children’s menu and our bonuses.

We arrange corporative party

Have fun with colleagues and forget about work this evening

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Your guests will be full and satisfied. The evening will fly by in one breath

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Children's holidays

The children will be so happy that they will not want to go home

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